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Artemis Space Bridge Simulator

Posted: Tue May 15, 2018 2:48 pm
by thebluedragon07
So there’s another game that’s out there that’ll be fun to try out called Artemis Space Bridge Simulator, it’s like being in Star Trek. It’s a six player game that requires six computers (technical 9 players, but with six you get to play the main stations). 1 computer will run the simulator, and can just be showing the main display, this is usually the Captain. The other computers connect to the computer that is running the simulator and players get to choose between being the Helm, Weapons, Engineering, Science, and Comms. You play a solo mission where it’s just you and your crew, PvP where you going up against another ship with their own crew, Co-op where work with other ships to defend your sector, and scripted where you can customize a mission if you want.