ZF is looking for Youtube/Twitch/Singing talent and is recruiting. [PHASE 2]

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Post Thu Jul 05, 2018 6:35 pm

Welcome new potential ZF Members!
If you are looking for a way to become a full member of the greatest community on the internet, well this is the place!

We have standardized our selection process to only include people who post a video or song of their own creation as a entry.

In addition a small text to describe why you should be the next ZF member is a good way to amplify your chances at joining!

- Anything thats not a application will be deleted. Any non orginal video will be deleted. Also if you apply again, please put that in your post.

- Edit: No you dont have to be a Youtube star, videos are not required to enter.

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Post Sat Jul 07, 2018 4:40 pm

I am 18 years old
Why am i zf material?
well, I am a Brazilian Boy who the Parents are from Italian but i live in germany(My english isn't that good, sorry.)
I love Videogames and Music. Music saved my life and videogames too, I am really open to everytyp of Humor. I love to play with Friends and just have some fun no matter what. I think i would fit to Zf because of my Humor and way to be.
My greatest gaming related achievements
I was one of the 50 betters Player of ModernWarfare2 In Brazil and i won a 1x1 LoL tournament but wasn't that big thing. And I Won a 1x1 against my cousin in MW2 haha he was always as better me (i am competitive)
My best personal ZF moment
I got 2, one was in 2016 when i joined the TS but Tom said to me i was too Young and said to my i should come next year and Yesterday i Joined again, and Poro Moved me to an interview with him but another Guy just moved my again and ''stole'' the interview from Poro and i was so cool and fun haha, we all laught together and i got interviewed by 3 guys together haha
The games i play
I have more than 200 on Steam and more games for Ps4... but the most played games are:
CsGo,MW2,The Forest,God of War 4, Fornite, Arma 3, Dead by Daylight,GTaV,Pubg.
Most favourite ZF member.
Cynade haha i think he is really cool and funny

Well, i didnt know which song to post because my songs are in Portuguese also i made a english song hope u guys enjoy it.
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Post Tue Jul 10, 2018 7:22 pm

Your age: I'm 12 years old
Why you're zf material: hi my name is richard pastel, i come from france but rn i live in quebec
Your greatest gaming related achievements: i made cool redstone contraption on minecraft
Your best personal ZF moment:
The games you play: gmod (i got exactly 1500 hours today :D), minecraft, unturned, arma 3, csgo, spore, fallout :new vegas, brawlhalla, fallout4, css, portal 2, half life 2, war thunder, pay day 2, synergy, codename cure, toribash, fortnite, team fortress 2, snow, apb reloaded, source filmmaker, deceit, world of guns; guns disassembly, fuse, vrchat (i have a mixed reality, but it was with the computer, I basically got it for free), blender, argo, DCS, double action boogaloo, half life 2 lost coast, the lab, robocraft, emily is away and roblox. I also do source engine map sometimes, but i dont have the motivation to finish them, so i have like 20 unfinished project. even tho thats not a game
Most favourite ZF member: quebec cause his name is where i live

- Original Video: it was a live where i only did top 1

I want to play with sovietwomble and cyanide, or i call the thumbmen
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Post Thu Jul 12, 2018 7:47 pm

Name: Cameron
Age: 19
Why i'm ZF Material: Well im an angry triggered Scotsman who loves taking the mick out of people and myself :D I'm just looking for a group of great people who don't take themselves too serious and ZF seems to fit around that. I regularly play games such as PUBG (Fortnite can go fuck itselve), Arma 3, GTA V, R6 and more to list.
Best gaming moment: I'll just leave this here:

Here's little bonus video:
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Post Sun Jul 15, 2018 11:46 pm

Howdy Y'all
I am 28 years old
Why am i zf material?
Be cause I give Zero Fucks about anything? Joking aside I am an American, I spent 6 years in the US Army with a year in Afghanistan, I don't take anything too seriously because life is short and no one gets out alive! I am sarcastic and love to have a good time with good people. I also like sea breezes and long walks on the beach. If I become a member of your epic clan I will tell you about the the time I took a brick to the head.
My greatest gaming related achievements
If I can get a game to boot then I consider that an achievement! One that come to mind is a 1200 meter Tow missile shot in Squad.
My best personal ZF moment
When playing Rising Storm 2: Vietnam I kept getting killed by dudes with the ZF clan name. I might have killed one or two during the match, I cant remember. That led me to google and youtube to find out who these people were who kept killing me.
The games i play
I have two 500gb SSD's full of games that i hardly play, But my main games are, COD: MW2, Battlefield 4 & 1, Rising Storm 2 Vietnam, Rainbow Six Siege. and many more that I am horrible at.
Most favourite ZF member.
Would be Soviet Wombat, hes the only one I remember from that Infamous match

Here is a Clip of my Tow Missile

Since y'all wanted some Horrible Singing here you go. Be warned Its a part of NSFW or safe for any one really.
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Post Tue Jul 17, 2018 1:19 pm

I am 20 years old and I am known as "Lyra" - That's pronounced "lie-rah" I don't know why but people tend to pronounce it wrong.
Why am I zf material?
Well to be honest with you. I'm probably not.
I'm a british born guy who loves playing video games
My sense of humor is adaptive I guess you could say
I don't know. I like goofing off in video games and take them seriously when needed
What is my greatest gaming related achievements
Well i honestly don't know what to tell you here I just play for fun not to farm achievements I like to collect the stupid achievements
in games like the "What are you doing" achievement from NieR:Automata™ for example
Many years ago i got a across the map throwing knife kill in CoD MW3 (with video footage somewhere on youtube)
My best personal ZF moment
Well I bumped into Cyanide once years ago
The games you play
I play PUBG, I used to play Arma 2 alot a few years back and recently aquired Arma 3 and I'm loving it, I used to play call of duty and sometimes i'll just play
a random MMORPG when im killing time.
Most favourite ZF member
I do believe you "come for Womble, stay for Cyanide"

I don't really have many clips because my PC is pretty trash right now (im upgrading it)
But i guess i'll leave you with my 1 Shot headshot level 3 helmet kill on pubg

Well i guess thats about it.
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Post Tue Jul 17, 2018 5:58 pm

Whats going on, I hope you're all having a good day. My name is Denis, (pronounced Dennis, but if you replace the D with a P you get a fun time 8-) ) and my handle is Dhendhi, (like Ghandi, but with more h).
Age - 18
Why I'm ZF material - I've always thought that I was good with people, back in class as the joker, and then on stage when I play or sing for a crowd. I love entertaining and making people feel emotion they couldn't feel when they're by themselves. People need us to make them laugh, cry, and everything in between, they need us to entertain. We are the foundations of those emotions in baseline, a baby learns to laugh from seeing something funny, a child learns to cry when they see a sad movie, and an adult regains their innocence when they watch a child do something on a TV show. This is what I'm good at, making people feel. Be it on stage, in a crowd, or with friends I am the one who entertains.
Greatest Gaming Achievements - I don't like to brag, but I did get out of Bronze in LoL (after 2 years...). I also got to SMFC in CS:GO (if I looked, I could probably find a screenshot) and got 2nd in a High School league for CS:S, with my friends. I'm a competitive gamer, but achievements aren't something I save, I strive to continue further and get better, I see achievements as a stepping stone to greater and better things
Best Personal ZF Moment - The one ZF Arma 3 Zeus that I got into was loads of fun and I loved being in a squad with a bunch of idiots who didn't understand spacing, or what we we're even doing. I honestly lost my voice after yelling so much that entire time, but I don't really have anything recorded, because at the time my PC couldn't handle recording while playing Arma.
Games I Play - Any CS, League of Legends, Arma II and III, Factorio, World of Warcraft, Rainbow 6 Siege, Dead by Daylight, The Forest, Borderlands 1 and 2, Gmod, Half Life, Fortnite (unfortunately), Rust, Stardew Valley, TF2, and Tabletop Simulator (sometimes)
Favorite ZF member - Gambit's probably my favorite, but Cyanide and Womble are always a great duo.

Now I sing in a Jazz ensemble while also playing the Trombone, so I'll be singing one of the songs I really like, "A Nightingale Sang in Barkley Square", popularized by Frank Sinatra and Vera Lynn.

(Excuse my shitty mic quality, can't help it right now)
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Post Tue Jul 17, 2018 11:04 pm

Hello! I'm Holliday, you can call me Holly if you want. I greatly appreciate the opportunity!

Age: 18 y/o

Why i'm ZF Material: I love exploring creative ideas, i'm a huge fan of building unconventional things and working on projects. Video production is a huge passion of mine, and nothing makes me feel better than creating something great out of a fun gaming session or a good time with good friends. ZF clan is in need of a large special needs baby that you all can take care of and bring positive PR, I can fill that role with ease

Greatest Gaming Achievement: At the ripe age of 13 I created a big ol minecraft griefing clan with like 60 people in it, and people tried to hack into my minecraft account to gain control of the clan. I was a tiny little asshole and my best friend in that clan was called Jizzy.

Best Personal ZF Moment: I peaked Edberg in PUBG once. Never will i make that mistake again.

Games I Play: CSGO, Arma 3, Mount and Blade: Warband, PUBG, Rocket League, GTAV, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Favorite ZF Member: Chinny! Fucker makes me laugh.

This has no real relevance, but i suppose it's an example of my creativity. I've been designing a fantasy world since I was 12 years old, I've written the history, geopolitical situations, and government structures of an entire world that I call Aeldrin. Quite useless, other than in Dungeons and Dragons, but very very fun. I hope to eventually turn this into a YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for your consideration!
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Post Wed Jul 18, 2018 2:37 pm

My name is Karl
Age: 19
Why am I ZF material?
I don't take any game the serious, to be honest, I just like to have fun while playing, games are my passion in a way, as I've been playing for most of my life. Playing games to entertain others sounds fun as hell as well.
My greatest gaming achievement?
I don't really have one honestly like I've said I never really tried to achieve things in games It's always been more about playing them.
Best ZF moment?
Pretty much everything?
Games I play
Warframe, lots and lots of Warframe, CS: GO, TF2, Arma 2, Payday 2, Rainbow 6, like all of them, SCP: Secret Lab, and plan to get Post Scriptum.
Favorute ZF member
You cant just pick one, everyone synergizes together in a way that makes picking favorites near impossible for me.
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Post Wed Jul 18, 2018 8:23 pm

Hi. My name is Lewis and I'm 19 years old. I already have a YouTube channel but am looking for people to play with (my friends are just fuckwits with no bantz)

Why am I ZF material?
I'm funny, I get along well and just like a laugh

My greatest gaming related achievements
Getting to the semi final of the UK FIFA 16 competition (I lost to a kid from London. Posh git!)

My best personal ZF moment
Probs when I encountered Cy when playing a random game. I shot and killed him for the glory of Womble.

The games I play
ARMA definitely. Sport games, some Portal and Gmod. I'm ace at Gmod

Most favourite ZF member.
Has to be my boy Soviet.

Here's a video that I recorded ages ago...

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